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Welcome to Mainz

A sightseeing tour of Mainz in English!
Join in on this two hour sightseeing tour of Mainz and learn about the city’s 2000 years of history. Find out more about the impressive Mainz cathedral that dominates the skyline of Mainz, stroll along the “Fifth Avenue of Mainz” and visit the Kirschgarten in the old part of the city. And enjoy the highlight of the tour - visit the Gutenberg Museum, The World Museum of Printing, and experience a demonstration of a replica of Gutenberg’s printing press and workshop from the 15th century.

Walk & talk – but in English please!
"Walk & talk" achieves two purposes exchanging information through dialogue about a subject of interest and interacting with other language enthusiasts.

Brush up and practice your English, join in on our walk & talk and interact with others:

During a 2 hour city stroll you will learn about the urban renewals...
This guided walk & talk tour leads you through the "Green Lung" of Mainz - the Stadtpark...
Visit the Gutenberg Museum...
Our walk and talk tour begins right in the middle of the Market Square...

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