Museum and Churches

From Henne Gensfleisch to Johannes Gutenberg

- the great son of Mainz
In the year 2000 Mainz celbrated the 600th birthday of Johannes Gutenberg the man of the millennium. He was honored with this title because his invention has changed the world – since he was the on who invented printing with moveable type. Learn about his life and and get some idea of the 15th century.

The 2 hour sightseeing tour includes a visit to the Gutenberg Museum – the world’s museum of printing and experience a demonstration of an original replica of Gutenberg’s printing press from the 15th century!

500 years of Romans in Mainz

Moguntiacum – from a small Roman military camp to the capital of Germania Superior. 2 hour guided tours to explore the Roman origins of Mainz.

Visit the Roman Ship Museum, the remnants of the magnificent Roman Theatre, the impressive Jupiter column and the recently discovered 2000 year old Temple to the Aegyptian godess Isis.

The Mainz Cathedral

1000 years of history and much more!The Mainz cathedral is one of the three imperor’s cathedrals on the river Rhine. The impressive Mainz cathedral dominates the skyline of Mainz and can be seen wherever you have a look. You are welcome to join in on this interesting historic tour of the Cathedral.

St. Stephan's at Mainz

— with its magnificent blue church windows by Marc Chagall!
St. Stephan’s in Mainz was built on the highest elevation of the city at the time by ArchbishopWilligis in the year 990. The church meant as a place of prayer for the empire and is nowadays the oldest Gothic hall church on the middle Rhine valley. Since the year 1978 this church has a tremendous treasure – the mystic blue church windows by the famous Jewish painter Marc Chagall.

These sacred pieces of art are showing pictures from the Old Testament which were created by the artist Marc Chagall at the age of 90 years. These church windows have become a magic attraction to visitors from all over the world. An explanatory guided tour will reveal the secrets about these magic windows which are more than glass – they convey a message!

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